4200 Series Rotary Brush

The Rotary Brush is Timesavers most popular solution for customers who require a fully deburred part. This is accomplished using a multi-directional brush machine that uniformally deburrs and finishes the edges of laser-cut, punched, and machined parts in one pass. Providing even, controllable edge radiusing on flat, spahed, or 3D part. The rotary brush will deburr edges without harming surface coatings such as cladding, zinc, or laser film.


4200 Series Top/Bottom

The Timesavers 4200 Series Top/Bottom Machine deburrs and rounds the edges of flat parts on both sides simultaneously. This is accomplished by using 6 brushes on the top head, and 6 brushes on the bottom head. Each head uses a gearbox to spin 3 of its brushes clockwise, and the other 3 brushes counterclockwise; both of these heads then cycle perpendicular to the feed direcor