Piranha Ironworkers

Most of the features of the tremendously successful P-65 can be found in the entire line of Piranha ironworkers. Piranha's logo is known throughout the metal fabricating industry as the symbol of durable, quality-built ironworkers. Piranha equipment is simple in design, heavy in construction, and outfitted with efficient, safe operator features. Use genuine Piranha ironworker tooling to make your ironworker even more productive and flexible than you could ever imagine. Use your imagination to determine what your ironworker can do for you.

Single Operator Ironworkers

Piranha ironworkers give metal fabricators outstanding quality and innovative features. Every Piranha provides quality work, savings in set-up time, adaptability and versatility through a wide range of tooling, and factory engineering and support.

Dual Operator Ironworkers

Piranha Single Operator Ironworkers are capable of performing most applications. However, when two simultaneous operations are required (e.g. punching and notching), a dual operator ironworker fits the bill.

Single End Punch Presses

Piranha and Whitney Single End Punch Presses lead the way for those applications that require more punching capability, larger platens or deeper throats.

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