Here's just a small sampling of the equipment we provide.



AccuShear shears

Manufactured in North America, with North American built quality, Accurpress has 1,000's of press brakes and shears operating in every conceivable precision sheet metal forming and heavy plate fabrication environment.


Pioneering technology for the application of solid-state fiber optic laser technology for industrial cutting applications since 2004. Hundreds of installations later, the company's original vision of a robust, precise, efficient, and highly productive laser cutting system is meeting the test of real-world production around the world.


doall saws

With the most complete line of vertical contour band saws, DoALL Sawing Products also offers horizontal saws, miter cutting saws, vertical tilt-frame models, horizontal production level band saws and, the latest addition to our sawing machine line-up, circular carbide saws custom tailored for production level environments.


semyx waterjets

Semyx is a global company specialising in cutting machines. Along with Semyx's world renown waterjet cutting tables; Semyx also offers top of the line plasma and router systems ranging from economical to high end and from standard to custom made systems. 


Deburring, edging and finishing machines


Timesaver sanders and deburring machines 

From their USA – based headquarters in Maple Grove, MN, every Timesaver wood sander and metal sander is designed, engineered, and built to be reliable and durable and is supported by our factory trained and certified machine service techs operating around the world.