Cy Laser

CYLASER has been pioneering the application of solid-state fiber optic laser technology for industrial cutting applications since 2004.

Today, hundreds of installations later, our original vision of a robust, precise, efficient, and highly productive laser cutting system is meeting the test of real-world production around the world.

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System designed specifically to tap into the potential of fiber laser. ∙ A unique construction concept, use of OTS components without forced customer loyalty. ∙ Airplane structure, which is stable over time and more precise even with large formats. ∙ Compact and easy-to-transport design that ensures fast installation. ∙ Proprietary laser cutting head, which is the result of experience with the process. ∙ Compatible with the main CAD-CAM software packages on the market. ∙ Over 10 available configurations, to meet the production needs of any customer.


> Cutting head
> Tube size control
> Piece unloading management
> Automatic spindle opening adjustment
> Magnetic collision prevention system



> Compact fiber laser system, technologically advanced, cost-effective.
> The perfect application for those who need to produce heat exchanger plates according to customer specifications.
> High efficiency and welding process repeatability


CYLASERcan supply automation solutions to enhance the productivity of your solid state laser cutting systems.

Everything from basic auto load/unload to complete FMS systems can be integrated with standard CYLASERmachines to help you reap the full benefits of efficient, reliable, low-cost solid-state fiber laser technology on your shop floor, and on your bottom line.

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